Top 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths

A lot of people would say that Science canít go wrong with their facts because all of their findings and research have carefully examined and based on real-life evidences. But, believe it or not, there are still myths surrounding this subject that interpreted ridiculously. Here are some of those that you might find interesting.

1. Evolution- the myth involving this subject says that the growth went from lower to higher when it came to the changes that it brought to mankind and other species. Although it is true that natural selection removes all genes that are not healthy in the gene pool, there have been instances that an imperfect organism has made it this far. Like sharks, mosses and fungi just to name a few. These creatures can adapt to their surroundings without having to evolve.

2. Polaris- according to some research, Polaris was said to be the brightest star that people saw at night and observed in the northern hemisphere. Sadly, this is not true when Sirius is even more dazzling than it is having a magnitude of 1.47 while Polaris only has 1.97. And in case you donít know, the lower the magnitude, the brighter the star will shine.

3. The Moon and its Dark Side- perhaps you have already heard it many times from people saying that there is a dark side of the moon. The truth is every part of the planet gets to experience the light coming from the sun. It was to assume that it has a dark side since it has a part that never been once seen on earth. We have to blame this thing called ďtidal locking,Ē also known as our planetís gravitational pull on the moon. It is the main reason the moon can only show one side to us here on earth.

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