47 Genius Camping Hacks Every Camping Fan Should Know

Camping has always been a great way to bond. No matter what the season is – family, friends and colleagues, somehow we almost never fail to squeeze camping into the schedule. Be it a weekend getaway to unwind or a romantic camp out with a partner, what’s a closer way to bond and restore one’s connection with Mother Nature right? Once you’ve found the perfect spot for the gang, now what else? You have to prepare. In fact, nothing ruins a great camp out worse than being unprepared (expect perhaps if you get stung by hundreds of bees or have a very bad slip on the way). So let’s get it on!

I’ve listed a few things that will be helpful on your camping escapade so you don’t just look up and wait for a miracle in the middle of the trip.

1. Head Lamp and Container – you can easily make a camping light with a head lamp strapped on to a container filled with water. That should fix your lighting problems at night.

2. Tissue paper and Duct Tape – as much as we can, we’d like to avoid accidents but then again they’re called accidents for a reason – a mishap, something unplanned. So in case you get a sprain, go wrap the affected part with tissue paper and duct tape until you are able to get professional medical care.

3. Cotton and Hand Soap – Let’s face it, ticks can be a problem. So here’s your little kit to get that taken cared of. Wet a cotton ball with liquid soap and that should remove those ticks and fix it for you.

4. Charcoal and Egg Carton – where’s the beauty of a camp out without a camp fire? Bring in those match light charcoal and put them in your egg carton (the cardboard ones) for an easy camp fire starter.

5. Candle and sticks – just to add a romantic feel to your already awesome night, prepare your candle stakes. You can drill and just hollow out the bottom of the candle a bit and attach the stick. Stake it to the ground like a torch light and you’re good to go.

Enjoy the trip and keep the fire away from the tent. Stay safe everyone!

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