Top 10 Things That Are Surprisingly Bad For You

Are you a massive popcorn eater, water drinker and sunscreen user? “Uhm, yes! I love popcorn! It’s my favourite snack every afternoon. Water? Hmm, not really. Sunscreen? Oh yes, baby! You know, with the sun’s radiation. I use it a lot. Why?” Sister, I think you should read the next things that I'm going to write. If you eat, drink, and use too much of those, you have to sit in the corner and think again. The things that you think are completely normal might just be the other way around. Do you want to know about it? Here, I'll tell you. These are only three of the ten things that are bad for you.

Do you eat popcorn? Like, almost every day of your life? *silence* OK, so it’s not almost every day buy maybe three times a week. “No, I don't just eat popcorn ‘almost’ every day. I eat it every day!” Yes, I understand you, buddy. Popcorn is a real delicious snack. But did you know that those popcorn kernels can cause teeth infections and worst, cancer? Those kernels can get in between your teeth and gums, and may live their happily ever after and sow terror if you don’t take actions. Well, the last thing you want is to have teeth infections, right? So, I suggest that you refrain from eating too, too much of it.

Sunscreen? Not so good. Sunscreen has many chemicals that are dangerous for the skin. The thought that it can protect us from skin cancer; but here’s what it does: sunscreen itself, can cause skin cancer and hormonal imbalance. Think again if you are applying this, my friend.

Huge water drinker? *silence* I am very, very, very, extremely, to the nth power guilty of this. I drink water every five minutes. In fact, 2 minutes ago, I… did. Three minutes later, I will drink again. I never have the slightest idea that drinking lots and lots of water is not good. And I never have another idea that there’s a thing called ‘water intoxication’. For those who are working out, drinking loads of it is a bad thing. When you are drinking water, you do not replace the lost electrolytes in your body, such as sodium. Thus, resulting in an imbalance that can be very dangerous for the body.

It is a whole new information for me. Especially the water part. And this time, we know already. There are things that look and sound good, but we never know what’s behind them. Do you want to know the other things that are bad for you? The link below will lead you to them, people!

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