Uncle Jack's Mac-and-Cheese

Mac and cheese is such a classic favourite when it comes to kids food, and that can even be the case for the kid inside of us all, too! Try out this great, classic recipe for Uncle Jack's Mac-and-Cheese the next time you get the hankering for some good old mac n cheese. Let's face it, the mac and cheese you buy in a box is no comparison to the real deal mac n cheese that you make from scratch like this one in the recipe. The powdered sauce mix is just not up to par with the real cheese, with all of it's melty goodness, and all the creaminess of the sauce with the cheese. The powdered cheese is just such a crazy colour of orange that you know can't be too good for you. And the chemicals in it, if you read the label, are just wild! There are things in there that I have never even heard of. The real cheese is so much better anyhow too and it's hard to mimic a flavour like that in a powder.

If your kids like the boxed stuff once in a while, that's of course fine too, we all used to eat it by the boat load when we were kids and we're all ok right? Well, mostly anyway! But once you show them this version, it's doubtful that they will go back to the prepackaged, manufactured fake boxed stuff. Then, it's something you would also be more likely to eat with them! This recipe would be great for lunch, dinner, as a side dish or a main course, it would also be great to bring to a gathering as a side for people to try. Cheesy pasta is such a good comfort food too, and reminds us of the things our parents would make for us when we were kids. Bringing us back to a simpler time when we didn't have to worry about what to eat or making it. So, in that way, mac and cheese is nice to have one in a while, to bring a smile to our faces and some comfort to our lives. Because we could all use a little comfort now and then. Recipes like this are especially loved in the winter months, when you need a little something extra to keep you warm.

This mac n cheese recipe has no shortage of cheese, that is one thing I know for sure. There are four cups of cheddar cheese in this mac n cheese dish, with heavy cream, evaporated milk, butter, eggs and then of course the macaroni pasta noodles. This is not a dish you want to eat if you are watching your waistline or cholesterol by any means. But this is a great one for the kids who will just burn it all off running around all day! Or just to have for fun once in a while! My Recipes has plenty more recipes like this on their website. There is a compilation of a number of recipes that would keep you busy for months and even years to come, if you were to attempt to try them all. Hey, there is nothing wrong with having too many recipes! Head on over to 'My Recipes' by following the link in the section below for more!

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