Uses for Overripe Bananas that will Delight You

What do you do with your unripe bananas? I store mine in the freezer and before I know it, I seem to have what looks like a freezer shelf full of black frozen bananas, sitting there, waiting to be used. Yikes. I normally fix this overload by making a few batches of grandma's famous banana bread and oh, its definitely super delicious, but I realize I can't just do that every single time. The kids are also bugging me to have something other than nanna's loaf after school as their snack. It's time to go back to the drawing board, get creative, and make something new!! It's amazing what you can find when you just plug way at google and search for literally, exactly what you are looking for. I sure did! And so simple: what to do with your unripe bananas click. The site I found was great and by-the-way, provided recipes that are very kid-friendly so...for all you Moms or aunties out there...this is the site for you!

I love bananas. They are probably one of the most practical and easy to use fruits on the planet and so its no wonder why! Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world, and for good reason! This wonderful and conveniently packaged fruit packs a healthy nutritional punch full of vitamins and minerals - and offers many health benefits helping us to ward off disease and modern-day ailments. So what can you do with these fabulous fruits? Ripe bananas, sure are mushy and sometimes not the most pretty to look at, but like apple sauce, they are sweet and can be used in all sorts of baking recipes to replace butter or oil! They add a lot of moisture, natural sweetness, and let's not forget all those healthy vitamins and minerals they are full of.

From banana cake, muffins, waffles, pancakes...there are so many ways to use ripe bananas. And if you do not want to bake, no worries. Throw them into your smoothie, even try making a banana pudding or custard! Get creative, go bananas, and enjoy your health! Happy Cooking!

Did you know that bananas are native to tropical southeastern Asia but are widely cultivated in many other tropical regions? In popular culture and commerce, a banana usually refers to the soft fruit, the sweet tasting dessert bananas that are usually eaten raw after they finish ripening. Plantains are the bananas from a group of cultivars with a firmer and starchier fruit. Plantains are generally used in cooking rather than eaten raw. Bananas may also be dried and ground into banana flour. Some of the things you will use bananas in include banana bread, banana pudding, banana custard, banana pie, fried bananas, banana ice cream, banana chips, banana smoothies. Bananas are healthy too, an excellent source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. Bananas are often thought to supply a lot of potassium content, but it is actually is low compared to some other common foods such as beans, milk, apricots, carrots and sweet potatoes. What is your favorite banana recipe?

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