Watermelon Cake

This recipe for Watermelon Cake has got the words "refreshingly sweet" written all over it. If you want something new to bake and share with your loved ones, this cake should be on your priority list, especially if you have some special occasions coming up. This cake is also perfect for summer since it is designed with a tropical fruit flare. Although there is no watermelon used in the ingredients, the finished product is garnished to give the feeling of a tropical cake. This would be the perfect cake for a summer party or a summer birthday cake. What beautiful design on top of this cake. Anyone who loves watermelons would be pleased to receive this cake as a birthday cake. They would be overjoyed!

We found this recipe from one of the most tried and true sites that offers the best baking recipes, and it’s none other than Betty Crocker. It is a wonderful website to utilize if you like to bake with Betty Crocker mixes. You will be surprised at what you could make out of them when you see the many recipes this company has for you. The next time you run out of ideas on what to serve at a party, just go this website because it has many recipes variations for you to choose from. There are so many creative ideas to choose from all on one website. You could probably find something for literally every single occasion on this website.

Allow us to give you a little bit of trivia about Betty Crocker and why it’s a reliable source for all your baking needs. It is a brand name that has been known for years, and it is one of the companies that made the American Fortune 500 Corporation General Mills. That alone proves the legitimacy of what this company can offer to its customers. The Washburn Crosby Company was developed the brand back in 1921. They chose to name it “Betty” because it sounds cheery, and it’s an all-time American name. They added the Crocker as its last name in honor of the company’s director William Crocker. The creator behind Betty Crocker was home economist and entrepreneur Marjorie Husted. She managed to maintain the image of the brand during her time in the company, and until now, Betty Crocker remains a huge influence in the baking industry. We still trust Betty Crocker as a name we know and love in the baked goods industry.

Going back to this unique watermelon cake, the ingredients that you will need are some miniature semisweet chocolate chips, 1 box of Betty Croker SuperMoist white cake mix, water, vegetable oil, egg whites, a package of cherry flavored unsweetened soft drink mix, Betty Crocker Whipped fluffy white frosting, greed and red food colorings, and about 2/3 cup of green jelly beans. Thats really all you need to make this awesome cake!

To view the entire recipe for this sweet cake, check out the website “Betty Crocker”! Happy Baking !

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