Top 10 Most expensive ice cream desserts in the world!

If you have a special taste not just for ice cream but LUXURIOUS ice cream, then why not check out this list for the top 10 most expensive ice cream desserts in the world? We may not be able to afford them, but we can look at the mouth watering-pictures and dream of creating some luxurious ice cream dishes of our own. It’s amazing what we humans have created across the world in the name of luxury. Is it because we get bored so easily that we constantly have to keep imagining something decadently new and ridiculously expensive to keep our interest engaged? We’re always so interested in what the rich and famous are doing, where they are living, and what they are eating! Well now we can be satiated by knowing what their expensive ice cream cravings look like.

By the way, we’re not just talking dozens of dollars an ice cream dish here, we’re talking hundreds and thousands too. The good thing about it, however, is that quite often the money spent on these exclusively delicious ice cream treats often goes to charity, non-profits and fundraising pursuits, so you can eat your ice cream and do some good in the world too. Okay, so let’s start with the cheapest luxury ice cream on the market – it’s Truffle Ice Cream and we can buy a dish of it for just $95! Wow, what a deal, right? It’s available at barMasa, a very high-end cafeteria-style Japanese restaurant located at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Created by the famous chef Masa Takayama, the creamy white truffle ice cream dessert is beautifully-decorated with gold leaf and served in a pretty glass.

Next, let’s talk about the second most expensive ice cream dessert on our top ten list. That would be the creamy Black Diamond dessert! You can find it at the Scoopi Café all the way over in Dubai – a place where staying cool is a constant necessity and ice cream is in high demand. This classy ice cream dish costs a mere $817 a pop! What in the world could it possibly consist of, you ask, to justify it costing so much? Well, it’s made from Madagascar vanilla beans and other rare ingredients like saffron and black truffles. This self-indulgent ice cream dessert also comes ornamented with 23-karat gold leaf and is served in a Versace bowl and special spoon – both of which you can take home with you – thank goodness.

Where did ice cream originate and how did it ever become such a popular dessert? Well, to be honest, we really don’t know a whole lot about the very first ice cream creations, but we can trace them back as far as the second century B.C. We really don’t know who “invented” ice cream, but we’ve heard rumours that Alexander the Great loved a good bowl of snow sweetened with honey and nectar. And according to the Bible, King Solomon enjoyed iced drinks at harvest time. When the Roman Empire was in full swing, Nero Claudius Caesar apparently ordered his runners to fetch snow in the mountains that was then flavoured with bits of fruit and juice.

It’s commonly believed that Marco Polo brought a recipe home from the Far East that could have been the first known “sorbet”, and according to historians, this slowly transformed into true ice cream - made with real cream - in the sixteenth century. Whatever its origins, we can all agree that ice cream has never stopped evolving! With all of these wondrously whimsical and incredibly pricey ice cream dishes to choose from, we know we can easily get the affordable kind as well! And these days, with ice cream makers so conveniently available, we can easily make our own uniquely original ice cream – or ice almond or coconut milk – at home.

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