We Are All DOOMED Because Australia Has Created An Artificial Human

There is an ever present theme that has been emerging in science fiction since the 1920s, and that is the idea of robots or artificial intelligence. The term robot was coined by Karel Capek in 1921 in a fictional play. This term caught hold and has been a source of fascination for the human race for almost 100 years. Now, surging ahead into 2015 (the future) this fiction is becoming even more of a reality with the invention of 'Mr.Head', who although look like a real person, is actually a hyperreal CGI construction out of Australia from designer, Chris Jones. Chris Jones has spent his career creating Mr. Head and now the rest of his body. So really what we are saying is that the reality of artificial intelligence and robots becoming a reality.

In 1950, Alan Turning wrote 'I propose to consider the question 'can a machine' think'? and began the long heated topic about the whether or not a machine can think and problem solve and also whether a machine built mind can experience a subjective consciousness. In my opinion, the 2013 film 'Her' staring Joaquin Phoenix made a poignant tale about a man falling in love and having a relationship with his computer. You truly have to see the film but in the end it leaves serious questions about the ethics and possibility of this type of story.

With the story telling capabilities of Hollywood, it is both exciting and terrifying to think about the idea of robots with their own consciousness become a reality in our society, but based on what we are seeing with advances in sciences, IT and such, there is no escaping that this fictional store will one day be a reality.

To learn more about the creations of Chris Jones, visit the link to the 'Chris J' website below.

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