What It Means To Be A Man

Wondering what it is like to be a man? Most of the time, we thought that to be a man is to act thing out, do something, and be powerful. In school, we have learned that when we were bullied, it is a sign that the bully wants to show superiority over you. It is a way of showing that they are more dominant and powerful than you. However in reality, the real meaning to this is because they are truly weaker than you.

A bully is in reality a bragger, and a brag man is always weak, insecure and fearful. Thus, he brags in order to cover up his weaknesses by telling how better he is than you. A bully is usually a person who talks more. He will talk about how successful he is more successful than you. This behavior is to uplift his self because inside he is full of insecurities, and that is why he wants to hear praises from people. They are the ones who are always seeking validation.

These people are often driven by revenge and jealousy in their heart. They love fame, money, and validation. What they do not know is that being popular is to help others, treat them well, and to share love withothers. Watch out for these types of people in your life. They are constantly seeking for validation. In reality, they have got nothing to show because deep inside their heart they are just lonely, sad people. Being a man does not mean having all the power to put people down. Remember, when someone tries to bully you, do not go along with their arguments. They just had a sad life, and you are the real man.

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