What Was This Massive Eerie UFO Seen Over the North Pacific?

There are many things that go unanswered and that people just can't come up with a definite conclusion for, like for example, What Was This Massive Eerie UFO Seen Over the North Pacific? If you are into exploring the unknown and you are curious about the mysterious aspects of the universe then this article is for you. There are so many things that people are not able to explain in linear terms, there are many things that cannot be explained when we are tied to this third dimensional reality that limits time and space. There are other dimensions where these constrictions do not exist and beings can just travel around at will, with out any restrictions on time or space. But minds who cannot accept this, will still be limited by their beliefs. Sometimes it takes having an experience like this one, that can make you see things in such a different way than ever before, and your mind is stretched beyond what it believed before.

This is what happened to the people at North Pacific called Johnston Island, the military personnel that were stationed there in 1988, saw something very incredible, that they knew no one else would believe unless they saw it with their own eyes. There were only about 1000 people on that island at that particular time, and he said that they all saw a lot of strange things while they were stationed out there. Including this massive UFO that they spotted after coming off of a 24 hour shift in July of 1988. They were in communication with others who had seen it too and they even got close to it and describe exactly what it was like in this article.

Steven, one of the men who speaks about this UFO, explains his experience very well in this article, describing with so much detail, how this large ship looked as it got closer to him and the people watching it, wondering what it was. He said it was so huge, and unlike anything he had ever seen in his whole entire life. He also described a pungent smell that occurred at the same time they were all watching the ship. Then, all of a sudden, right before everyone's eyes, the ship just simply vanished! It seriously just disappeared out of the sky! Everyone agreed they had witnessed something really special, and that it was in fact as real as real could be.

There are some theories that people have put out there, like the ship had a malfunction that these humans weren't supposed to see, or that the beings flying the ship might have been interested in what it was that they were doing on this island. There is some information that points to extraterrestrials who want to get a closer look at the way certain humans do things, and the missiles that were on the island. They may be trying to get us to be more peaceful and less destructive. No one has a solid way of proving it either, we just have to have our ideas and come to our own conclusions.

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