Woman Stabbed 30 Times By Her Ex Gets An Amazing Proposal

A woman stabbed 30 times by her ex gets an amazing proposal and her life is changed forever. Domestic violence affects us all, if you haven't been a victim of abuse than chances are you've known an abuser or a victim. This is the real life story of a battered woman who had left her abuser only for him to later find her and attempt to end her life. The result of his attack left Melissa Dohme near dead from 32 stab wounds, 19 of which were in her head, neck and face. Thankfully 2 bystanders intervened and called 911, likely saving Melissa's life. Despite her injuries, when first responders arrived Melissa was still able to identify herself and her attacker. Hemorrhaging severely from cut arteries in her neck Melissa flatlined 4 times in the ER, was the recipient of 12 units of blood, suffered a stroke and various other catastrophic injuries. She credits God with saving her and believes although the attack happened, the sequence of events and those who played a role in saving her life were placed in those moments as a miracle from her creator.

As a survivor, she felt compelled to share her story and speak out against domestic violence. Victims always report feeling alone, the loneliness a victim feels gives the abuser more power and the cycle continues. Melissa wants those people to know they are not alone and therefore she has spoken at countless events and connected with many amazing people who are victims or now survivors. Advocating against domestic violence has been a positive spin on a terrible chapter in her life.

Later Melissa begin dating an incredible man by the name of Cameron. Cameron knew Melissa's story well as he was one of the first responders on that horrific yet fateful night. He was one of the heroes that played a role and moving forward he became a vital part of the fairy tale that would unfold for Melissa. With the support of Cameron, Melissa puts the negative behind her and is moving forward to focus on the love in her life. At the same time she's comfortable that her ex is where he should be, behind bars with no chance of parole.

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