You Leave a Dish of It in the Oven Over Night Burnt Food Stains Disappear the Morning

Cleaning the oven is up there with the jobs around the house we all detest doing. This is why this great method using ammonia, where You Leave a Dish of It in the Oven Over Night Burnt Food Stains Disappear the Morning, is a great way to make a tough job incredibly easy. You know that all too familiar smell when you are cooking something inside your oven and you smell something burning. You run to the oven and hope that it is not the cake or the casserole in there that is burning, only to open the oven and realize that it was some old, crusted on food that you forgot to scrape off. This happens to all of us, and we all just close the oven door and say we will work at scraping the gunk off another time. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that the burnt on food gets forgotten again, and again... and again. It's just one of those things!

This method is a great way to just get it all off and out of your oven, and we promise, it barely takes any elbow grease! Ammonia is the cleaner that saves the day here. Ammonia is a naturally occurring chemical, that is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. Though, it is hazardous if used improperly. It is colourless gas and a very strong odour. The ammonia we use around the house is mixed into water, and also has a very pungent odour when mixed with the air. The odour is able to cause intense inflammation to the mucous membranes of the throat, eyes and nose, and it can be damaging to the skin, causing burns upon contact. You really want to make sure that you ventilate the room you will be using the ammonia in, so if you are using it in the kitchen, on the oven, then you will really want to open all of the windows or doors and get some air circulating.

In the process of using ammonia to clean the oven, the ammonia does all of the work for you. All you have to do is simply fill a medium sized bowl with the ammonia, make sure you wear gloves, and perhaps even glasses or safety goggles to protect your eyes. Just be careful of not breathing in too much of the gas. Then the medium bowl filled with ammonia gets placed into the oven and you will then close the oven door. Keeping the oven off, you leave the bowl of ammonia in the oven for the day, or overnight if you can. In the morning, or after at least eight to ten hours, you can take out the ammonia from the oven. You also must be very careful when opening up the door of your oven, because all of the gasses will escape at this time. So again, make sure the kitchen is fully ventilated, windows and doors open. You can even wear a ventilation mask, or just hold your breath until you have the oven door open and you can leave the room.

Once you have let the gasses in the kitchen subside substantially, you can then return and begin to clean off the burned on gunk! It should come off fairly easily, but you will have to try it out for yourself and find out!

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