What Your Eyes Say About Your Brain

“Curiosity is gluttony. To see is to devour.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Some scientists say, to measure the intelligence of a person, all you need to do is look them in the eye. According to Joanna Rowe of the University of Louisville, people with lighter eye colors are more intellectual while people with darker eyes are better at physical activities. Others state that people with bigger and wide-set eyes are smarter than people with small eyes. Studies are being conducted supporting this premise. However, no actual findings have confirmed that certain eye attributes can determine a persons' intellect.

According to some Psychological studies, the veins or vessels behind our eyes can indicate a persons' intelligence. Dr. Idan Shalev, Ph.D. stated "Eye vessels are developed from the same cells that brains are developed from." This study also indicates that eye health and brain health may co-relate. However, there is no confirmed tests to this theory.

Some people also say that a smart person has a broader distance between his or her eyes. So, the probability is that it isn't just the eyes that can determine intelligence. It's possible that the entire face may clue people in on another persons' intellect. Also, the expression of the eyes can be perceived as an indication. Blank stares may indicate cluelessness or ignorance, sharp stares may indicate confidence and wisdom. But, in my honest opinion, intelligence is too complex and multi-faceted to be determined just by physical attributes. Yes, there may be hints that suggest intelligence and knowledge to some people, but these are not precise. Also keep in mind that there are different kinds of intellect. Artistic Intelligence, Academic intelligence, Theoretic Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and the list can just go on. My point is, a clear-cut way to find out if a person is really smart is to have a long, meaningful and mentally-stimulating conversation with him or her.

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