10 Surprising Uses Of Toothpaste You Didn't Know (Watch Video)

Of all the ways we can make our lives easier, you probably wouldn't think of toothpaste being one of the items you'd be using for life hacks. It turns out there are many uses for this dental hygiene product that aren't just limited to its usual uses. Facts Verse shares 10 Surprising Uses of Toothpaste on their YouTube channel so we can all benefit from them. These hacks aren't just confined to personal hygiene uses, but also to household real life hacks and cleaning hacks too. Toothpaste hasn't really been around for that long actually, and in the past, they were mostly found as powders that would be hydrated before use. Most cultures would use a plant like neem as their tooth cleansing herb, and others even used crushed up bone or shells for a polishing aspect. Good thing our more recent kinds of toothpaste don't have anything like that in them, but you can still find all natural types of toothpaste that are free from any chemicals like fluoride. In an 1866 home guide, recommended using charcoal powder which you can still use today. Activated charcoal, although it wouldn't seem like it, has a very strong whitening power to it and cleans the gums and mouth very well. The only thing is, charcoal toothpaste wouldn't be able to be used for these real life hacks especially the cleaning ones, because they do make a mess and stain surfaces and materials quite easily.

For these hacks, you're better off using the tubes of white toothpaste like Colegate or Crest toothpaste. If you use an all natural toothpaste, you can use Tom's toothpaste too which would probably work just as good. Here are some of the awesome simple life hacks you can try out:

1. Use toothpaste on pimples: this is one of those hacks people have been using for a very long time. Putting toothpaste on a pimple dries it out and reduces redness which can help the zit to disappear quicker.

2. Clean crayon off your walls: if the kids have meandered in their coloring expeditions, try putting some toothpaste on the colorful marks and scrub them off with a cloth. The abrasive cleansers in the toothpaste should take them right off the walls.

3. Clean your chrome: Instead of using a polisher, just use some toothpaste to polish up your faucets. Just take a dab and rub it all over the chrome then wipe it off to reveal a shining faucet.

4. Get rid of ugly scuffs on your leather shoes: instead of using shoe polish, smear some toothpaste onto the scuff and rub it in a circular motion. The scuff should come right off.

5. Clean out baby bottles: To get the smell out of your baby's bottles, clean them with some toothpaste to get out the scent. Just be sure to wash them out very well afterward if you're not using an all natural toothpaste.

6. Shine your jewelry: Use in the same way you would when shining your faucets, just take a little bit of paste and rub it onto your silver jewelry. It' will come out sparkling clean every time.

7. Get rid of scratches on your phone or tablet screen: Rub some toothpaste all over the screen of the phone or tablet with a micro fiber cloth and buff out the scratches with circular motions. Then take another dry, clean micro fiber cloth and remove the toothpaste from the phone or tablet screen to reveal your scratch free screen.

So there are some of the hacks you can use toothpaste for, make sure you check all of them out on the Facts Verse YouTube channel and try them all out for yourself.***

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