15 Restaurant Favorites Made In Your Slow Cooker

If you own a slow cooker and itís just sitting there gathering dust, we think that itís about time that you put it to good use. In case you donít know the many kinds of food, you can prepare in it, read on. The best part is that you wonít even have to exert too much effort cooking with the help of this amazing device. So, if you have a slow cooker, use it! Here are some of the 15 restaurant favorites that you could make in your slow cooker.

1. Chicken Caesar Sandwich

It is not just a sandwich, especially when Caesar salad dressing is included in the broth when cooking your tender chicken. Add some lettuce and get ready to start your day right by having this as your breakfast. You can never go wrong having this dish anytime of the day!


These are not the usual fajitas because this recipe has barbecue pulled pork in it, which is simmered using a slow cooker. There are more flavors going on inside it that your mouth will have a celebration. Aside from cheese, it also has guacamole and sour cream.

3.Beef Fry Bread Tacos

This is usually a bar snack, but now you can enjoy it at home. Just gather all the ingredients that you usually have for your tacos and have the beef cooked using your slow cooker.


If you donít like lasagna, then we donít know what else we could serve that please you. For those that do love lasagna, instead of the oven, use your slow cooker.

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