27 Unexpected Foods to Grill

These 27 Unexpected Foods to Grill will have you looking at grilling in a whole new way. There’s nothing better than grilling up some cool cooking ideas on the grill. Most anything can cook over a flame, yet hamburgers seem to be the easy cooking recipes we try the most. These cool cooking ideas for the grill will have you thinking differently about what you will put on the grill. From avocados to French toast, quesadillas to pizza and so much more easy cooking recipes to try on the grill.

For starters one of the best cool cooking ideas for the grill is pizza. Pizza works great on the grill, all it takes is some olive oil brushed onto the flattened dough and then place the dough on the grill. You can use premade pizza dough if you'd like, once the grill marks appear on the dough you can take it off the heat and add your favorite toppings with the grilled side up. Then place the pizza dough back on the grill and barbecue for about two to three minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly. Another easy cooking recipes for the grill is lemon kababs. Lemon Kebabs are a twist on regular vegetable kebabs by simply adding lemon quarters to the skewer. You can have all sorts of vegetable combinations from peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. The grilling of the quartered lemons softens the sourness of the lemons and adds just the right amount of citrus flavor to the vegetables.

Quesadillas is another of the cool cooking ideas you can make on the grill. Instead of using a skillet to heat your quesadilla recipe, prepare the filling then brush the tortilla with olive oil and place on the heat, with the oiled side down. Then top the quesadilla with some cheese and fillings such as beans or chicken. Then once the cheese starts to melt, and the bottom of the quesadilla starts to brown, you can fold one side over with a spatula to seal the quesadilla up. Then remove from heat and enjoy with some guacamole and sour cream. Pineapple is an easy cooking idea to try on the grill. Just slice a pineapple into rounds and then grill until brown approximately three minutes on each side. The natural sugars in the pineapple caramelize for a sweet taste you will love. You can also brush the pineapple pieces with a honey citrus marmalade before putting on the grill. Typically, a barbecue is either a type of cooking method or a cooking apparatus. The difference between barbecuing and grilling food has to do with the cooking times and the types of heat that are used. Grilling food is most often done quickly over moderate to direct high heat with little smoke. While barbecuing food is done more slowly over indirect low heat, so that the food is flavored by the smoking process. There are different barbecue sauces and flavors to use, and different ways of barbecuing depending where in the world you are.

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