Honey Roasted Chicken with Crispy Skin

This Honey Roasted chicken featured is so beautifully prepared. You will end up with moist chicken meat on the inside, crispy skin, and it is packed in an apple cider fusion. Sounds pretty fantastic does it not?

The recipe we are going to share is for a large family gathering as it uses two whole chickens. It is easy enough to half the recipe for smaller family groups.

How many of you grew up with chicken dinners on many Sundays? For those of us that were lucky enough to have been brought up in homes where we had mothers or grandmothers that treasured the Sunday dinner ritual, roasted chicken was something you looked forward to.

Mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, peas and carrots all loaded the plates, and there was no complaining from any children. The food looked appealing, tasted amazing and while you ate these family meals there would be conversation, stories, and so much laughter.

Family meals make a family close. Sunday meals were always extra special as it often meant special company would be joining you.

Dessert would always be a part of the event. Freshly baked pies or cakes or puddings made from scratch.

Many busy young families of today do not necessarily prepare homemade meals. This would be especially true if they did not grow up with that home cooked experiences themselves. We want to address the young moms that may be intimidated by home cooking. It is not difficult to cook from scratch. In fact, it is fun and time in the kitchen is great for the entire family. You will not only impress all that you invite to enjoy your feast, you will know what is going into those meals you prepare. So fear not and forge on! Being in the kitchen creates magic.

Please find the recipe below at the Oh, Sweet Basil website.

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