The No Sweat, Chemical-Free Way to Remove Labels and Glue Residue from Your Jars

You have decided that you are going to start more of you food in 'bulk' so you are not throwing away so much packaging. You need glass jars to put your noodles, dried beans, sugar and all those other food items in. You have a vision of nice rows of shiny jars with cool labels of what is inside. So you buy some jam, peanut butter, and pickles from the grocery. We all know that these favorite foods are usually stuffed in a glass jar. Of course, you eat those foods, and you have decided to keep those jars for future storage use. Now, you want clean and remove their labels. “Right, removing the labels? Check! And I've done everything in my power just to get rid of those labels and glue residues. What should I do?” Well, you do not have to spend all your strength and time in removing those labels and the glue reminants. Just look around your kitchen, and likely you will you can find everything in there to help you in this dilemma. This no sweat, chemical-free way to remove labels and glue residue from your jars is a creation of Courtenay, and this will certainly make you feel awesome. *winks*

Courtenay is a décor crafter, DIYer, and tip giver. She is the light behind The Creek Line House blog. For Courtenay, you do not have to use and buy all those expensive chemicals just to remove the residues. Soaking the jars in soapy water would also help; however, it wouldn't totally remove everything. Glue lines would still be visible. What are you going to do with those stubborn glue lines? Here, let Courtenay help you.

We will let you go to the 'Creek Line House' website below to discover the secrets of success! Have fun cleaning you jars!*winks*

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