This Easy Cranberry Cake Is The Perfect Holiday that Treat Passes For Both Breakfast And Dessert

While banana bread and chocolate chip zucchini bread are delicious, they can move along because something even better has come along. That’s right. This Easy Cranberry Cake recipe is the perfect Holiday Treat that Passes For Both Breakfast And Dessert. I love eating dessert for breakfast! Like sugar cookies, there’s something so festive about cranberries and the fact they’re both sweet and tart is a bonus. Not only is this cranberry cake recipe delicious, but it’s also easy (which makes for the best kind of dessert recipe, in my opinion!).

Cranberries are an interesting fruit. While cranberries are typically grown in acidic bogs in cooler regions throughout the of the northern hemisphere, two different types of genus exist – one in Great Britain, the other in North America and Chile. They are major commercial crops in certain American States as well as some Canadian provinces, and while most are processed into products such as juice, jam, and sauce, the remainder are sold fresh to consumers. Since the 21st century, raw cranberries have been marketed as a “superfruit” because of their nutrient content and antioxidant qualities. Native Americans were the first to use cranberries as food, medicine and dye and it is likely the Algonquian peoples introduced cranberries to hungry English settlers who incorporated them into their traditional Thanksgiving feasts, thus beginning the tradition of cranberry sauce as an accompaniment to turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in the United States and Canada. Henry Hall, American Revolutionary War veteran, is credited as the first to farm cranberries around 1816, and from the 1820’s cranberries were then exported to Europe.

This amazing cranberry recipe is much like a tea cake and is perfect at any time of the day – not just while enjoying a cup of tea, but for breakfast, with lunch or even after dinner. This is a not-too-sweet loaf cake recipe that is simple to make, but not simple in flavor. Most of the ingredients will be basic items stocked in many pantries, including flour, sugar, butter, baking soda and powdered sugar. You will also need buttermilk and cranberries (they can be either fresh or dried – but fresh is better – and don’t even think about using cranberries from a can!).

As with most loaf or cake recipes, you start by sifting all of your dry ingredients together and then setting them aside. The next step is to cream together the butter and sugar until it’s light and fluffy (I would recommend using room-temperature butter for this recipe as it will give a soft and fluffy texture that you won’t get using chilled butter). The egg and vanilla extract are added next, and then you should alternate between adding your dry ingredients and your buttermilk (but begin and end with the flour mixture). I like adding ingredients in stages because you can always add more if you need to, but you’ll have a hard time removing excess! For the final step you should gently fold in your chopped cranberries, then pour your batter into loaf pans and bake for 40-50 minutes. To tell if the loaves are done, the best way is to try the toothpick trick (insert a toothpick into the center – when it comes out clean, the loaf is cooked). Let this cool and then sift some powdered sugar on top for garnish and a little added sweetness to go with your tart cranberries. This “Christmas” cranberry cake recipe is delicious. Sweet, but not-too-sweet, and just a little tart. It hits all of the taste buds and is a great addition to any meal, as a main meal or as a dessert recipe. I guarantee it’ll be a hit as your next holiday cake!

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