28 Adorable And Frightening Animal Mashups From A Parallel Universe

What is the one word you can describe when you mix up the words 'adorable' and 'frightening'? “AWESOME.” “EPIC.” “Are you kidding me? It's MAJESTIC!” You guys are awesome, epic, and majestic! I don't care how redundant those are, but they simply describe best these 28 adorable AND frightening animal mash-ups from a parallel universe. Let's leave the world for a few moments and take a journey to the parallel universe. You'll be amazed at how 'parallel' these animals are. So guys, prepare to laugh and adore three of this animal mash-ups. *winks* Wait, you'll need to prepare yourselves for some... scary looking animal mash-ups. Here we go!

Guys, the kitten, and penguin combo will top the world's list of favorite pets. This goes to my one friend and for everyone who love both cats and penguins. And guys, don't go wild in there. They only exist in the parallel universe. Since we can't have this ultimately adorable penguitten *cries*, the only thing to do for now is to print the photo. Well, I just hope scientists will create something like this. I'd forever be in debt. *winks* Prepare for another adorable... wait. *silence* I suggest that you prepare your hearts because two of your greatest nightmares here on Earth are coming into one. Spider and shark combo, my friends. You guys better look at the spider-shark photo hand-in-hand. This is the only animal mash up you'd wish would stay forever in the parallel universe. We can keep the penguitten, parallel universe, and you can keep your spider-shark. Thank you. To atone from that spider-shark mash up, I'll give you something to imagine. Imagine the King of the Jungle: lion. Imagine it, with its back turned on you. Slowly, the King turns to look at you. Of course, you visualize the fierceness and the face of a real predator. Slowly... slowly... he turns. And --- poof! A body of a lion with the face of a guinea pig. *silence* The question is would you roam around the jungle with a lion looking like this? My answer? YES. A VERY BIG YES-YES. *winks*

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