3 Reasons Why You Should Never Asker Her Out Via Text

To all the guys out there who are fans of asking a woman out on a date through a text message, I suggest… no, I command you to read this article we have today. Honestly speaking, I don’t hate a guy when he asks me out via text. I am disappointed at his action. I don’t know what his reasons are in doing such, but as a woman, I feel like I’m a rude person. *sighs* Anyway, since I am bestowed with great understanding and patience *winks*, I am going to consider that. There might be some reasonable reasons why he asked me out in that way. However, not all women would be able to understand. That’s why you boys, should know these 3 reasons why you SHOULD NEVER ask her out via text.

David Wygant, the great ‘first aid’ for men, is here to provide us those reasons. First is that you look like a passive wimp. *silence* Right. I am going to be real rude here too for your own benefit guys. Asking a woman on a date makes you look like a sissy. Oh sorry, that may be too rude. Asking a woman on a date through text makes you look WEAK. “When you meet a woman, and text her instead of calling her to ask her out on a date, in her mind, she’s assuming that you think she’s going to say no,” says Wygant. Woman want to find confidence in a man, and when you start this way asking her out, you need to go back to base zero, my friend.

Another reason is that texts don’t always go through. Well, this is a ‘basic’ reason guys. There’s a 98% possibility that your text may not go through. “What about the remaining percentage?” There is always a 2% possibility that there’s traffic up there in the textospehere, and… only heaven knows where they are now. “It’s not 100% reliable. A voicemail message is always going to go through. When she picks up the phone, it will always go through,” suggests Wygant. So you see guys, voicemail is always an option, never the text message.

Lastly, if guys are too busy to call her to ask her out, well, she may also be a very busy person and forget about your text. It may be a couple days before she sees's the text and by then, she may feel bad and not text you back.

The most powerful tool you have in your toolbox is your 'voice' and women want to hear it.

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