Bar Game How To Steal Her Away from Another Guy

So guys, here is the situation, you are in a bar, and you see this gorgeous lady, and you can't seem to take your eyes off of her. It's all about playing the right game here. You don't want to get to work about all of this, make it more of a challenge to yourself and think of it more like a game.

Davis Wygant, our dating guru for guys, says he even has given the process a name. He calls it the “Bar Game”, or “The Friday Night Steal Her Away from Another Man Game”.

So here are the rules of the game. You see the gal you want to target. Stay back and be patient. Women that are out at the bar are going to get hit on again and again throughout the night. As the evening progresses, these women are going raise their defense level.

She is going to be approached by many stupid drunken men. As a point of interest, Wygant is neither a big party person, and he doesn't drink.

As the drunk dudes continue their efforts, the girl starts to cocoon and not be receptive. As yet another overly aggressive guy makes his move, and you see her stuck there, you make your move.

David would use a statement such as this, "“You know, I really think it’s time you and I talked. I’ve been watching you and checking you out, and you know what, I don’t think it’s going to work with that guy. It’s just a feeling that I have." So here’s the deal. I’m going to walk away. You’re going to dismiss yourself in 30 seconds, you’re going to come over, and you and I are going to get to know one another.”

Then he walks away. Wygant says the majority of the time the gal will come on over to where he is.

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