A Ballerina Starts To Dance, But When The Horse Does THIS, My Jaw Dropped

Recently I was lucky enough to go to a performance called Cavalia. Knowing only the basics of the presentation and that it involved dressage, an Olympic medal sport of one of the highest forms of equestrian training where "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movement

Thinking it would be a few jumps and galloping to music, my expectations were low. I proceeded to one of the most enjoyable live performances I have seen in my life. A myriad of dancing horses, choreographed to music, all in unison was the bare description that I could give to people without delving into the fineness and precision these animals displayed. The riders were standing on the horses with no visible harnesses of any kind, and it was clear the horses and trainers were on another level of communication.

A simple hand movement led into a choreographed dance where multiple horses came onto the staged area on cue. The horses danced. With their feet and tossing their heads and turning around and running to and fro across the stage. It was something you would see in Disneyland or Cirque de Soleil but with animals moving in time to humans. I then did some research and came across the Olympic sport of dressage and spent some time on YouTube and saw many more jaw-dropping performances from around the world. These large creatures moved with such grace and beauty, you forget they are large, powerful beast of hundreds maybe thousands of pounds of flesh. It's like ballerina dancing horses that you would only hear of in a dream or fairy tale. I'm so addicted to these artful creatures

I continue to research them to this day. If you are interested in witnessing this for yourself, you can click the link to "Little Things" below and watch the commercial!

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