A Creamy Garlic Chicken that Will Surprise You!

Can’t think of what to make for dinner tonight? Well, why not try out this fabulous sounding Creamy Garlic Chicken that Will Surprise You! Simply open up your fridge or freezer, grab some chicken breasts out – if you are like everyone else, you know you have plenty, find some garlic – you know that’s also lying around somewhere, and if you have plain yogurt – perfect; we’re ready to go! I will let you know now, that there are plenty of ways to adjust this recipe if you’re missing some of the ingredients. Firstly, for the creamy part of the garlic sauce, sure, we want to use plain yogurt and white wine but if you don't have those readily available – which trust me, I totally understand, try using sour cream, or if you don’t have sour cream, go with a simply milk and flour cream sauce as your base. Be assured that this recipe isn’t supposed to be intimidating or difficult to pull together it is just supposed to be easy, so that you feel like you are able to throw it together in a pinch.

Creamy Garlic Chicken is an all time favorite at my home . Its something that my grandma used to make us when we were growing up. Mom would also make it from time to time, though it never seemed to be as yummy as Nana’s, and now I, a mother of two kids of my own, make it for my family. Generation after generation, we have make this dish our own. Customized it, swapped this ingredient for that, baked it in the oven, or sometimes just on the stovetop in a pot. I love this recipe because it really never fails to please!! Trust me! If you make this for a crowd of people, everyone will leave your house satisfied, I promise. There is just something about that creamy sauce and the nice touch of garlic that people just love so much!

Its amazing how chicken, garlic, cream, just come together in absolutely perfection. This trio of deliciousness can be served to pretty much anyone. The recipe itself can be served home-style, rustic, or made into that fancy French-style dish, served on your finest. Its really up to you. We all know chicken is one of those ingredients that can really be prepared in what seems like thousands of different ways – and come left overs, never a worry!!

I make this recipe a few times a month, however, I take the base of flavors, the creamy garlic sauce, and use it for my creamy garlic shrimp dinner, my simple fettuccini pasta lunch – served with asparagus, or even drizzled on top of pan-seared scallops – when I am feeling extra fancy. Like I said, you really can’t go wrong with these flavors and so I encourage you to be creative in your kitchen and play with different ingredients. Have fun, make something new and different, and most importantly enjoy the time you have with your family and friends – or who ever you are dining with. Bon appetit.

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