A Unique Woodworking Project

This unique woodworking project for a rounded wooden garden shed (or man/woman-cave) has been popping up all of the internet lately but with very little information on where it actually comes from or HOW to actually build it! Woodworkers unite! What expert DIY information do you know about building a rounded structure like this one? Is it all for looks, is it rounded on the interior or is it just finished that way?

There is nothing quite so inspiring to some people than having their own outdoor funky space to keep things organized. The closest we could find to some actual information about a design like this one was from the 'Houzz' website for their Woodshire Hobbit Hole playhouse. It is curved and magical and has the feel of a hole in the ground, so a little bit different than the garden rounded wood shed. The hobbit hole dimensions are about 8' x 7' and made mostly out of cedar and pine.

These hobbit hole sheds are sold by Wooden Wonders and they have several models for sale starting at about 5000 dollars. They basically build them up and put them for sale, so it is a rotating kind of inventory. They not only make playhouses, but also chicken coops and dog sheds. They are available for custom work as well although they only do this on a limited supply. Generally this custom work is for adult sized hobbit hole cottages for year round use. The size of these are in the 'tiny home' range of about 200 square feet or less.

So back to our original image...this rounded wooden garden shed. We are so curious about where this image comes from and just who makes these for sale if anyone! So if you happen to be that person, send a message to this page.

In the meanwhile if you love the wooden rounded buildings, be sure to check out the hobbit holes at 'Wooden Wonders' at the link below.

Learn MORE at Wooden Wonders

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