Another New Ancient Alien Picture has Been Found

There are a lot of theories on everything out there in the world and to believe every one of them would be only a little bit crazy. However, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and if one of your beliefs is reincarnation or aliens, you'd be right. Not only is it slightly narcissistic to believe mankind is the soul race out there capable of logical and rational thinking, there is far too much evidence spread over time.

Some evidence that as created far beyond that of photoshop or even weird sci-fi movies and books. A new painting, dating back to around the 15th century was found in Romania that depicts a circular object floating in the sky that looks suspiciously like a UFO - an unidentified flying object. Some people were snapping some pictured of the painting (probably some selfies) and they thought it would be fun to send this image in and get it checked out.

How many flying saucers are there really in pictures? Apparently quite a few. It is unclear in the painting what the meaning of the saucer is, but judging by the translated text underneath of the image itself, the artist may have been depicting the aliens are either Gods, or they were asking God to save them from the aliens. Who, by the looks of it, had set the house on fire. This was probably before the artist had the idea of using lasers to just plain incinerate houses, so he had to use good old fashioned fire. How old school.

It is both frightening and really cool how often UFOs show up throughout time. And if this was a Doctor Who Episode, maybe this was an elaborate plot leading up to some backwards scheme to take over the universe. However, maybe we just really need to look into accepting that we aren't the smartest things in the entire world. We haven't even really gotten started on teleportation...come on guys!

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