Apple Cobbler Crisp

Do you love Apples? I bet you do! Got a special day coming up? Looking for a great dessert recipe? No worries, we have a recipe that is just right for your needs. Here is the Apple Cobbler Crisp. Just like the Peach Cobbler Crisp recipe, the only difference in this recipe is the use of apple pie filling. Maybe you are curious to know what these ingredients that you need for this recipe are. Don’t worry because they won’t take you long to find them in your local grocery store.

Here is some information on the ingredients used in this recipe. Do you know what Bisquick is? Bisquick is a product of General Mills under their Betty Crocker brand. It consists of flour, shortening, salt and baking powder. Bisquick was invented in the 1930s by a chef who stored his pre-mixed biscuit batter on ice in his kitchen ahead of time so he could bake fresh biscuits daily. Butter as we all know is a dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. It is generally used as a spread and condiment. Butter is widely used in cooking, baking, sauce making and in pan frying. Based from my experience, I use butter as a substitute for oil and in making a dessert; butter gives a little salty taste and adds a more solid form to flour when molded. Love nuts? No problem! This recipe makes use of chopped pecan nuts. If you are not familiar with this type of nut, this is a native of Mexico and South America. The seeds of the Pecan have a rich, buttery flavor. They can be eaten fresh or used in cooking and in dessert making. Pecan pie is the most common dessert with pecan as the main ingredient.

For this recipe, you will need the bundt pan. A bund pan is a cake pan which has 10-12 inches in diameter and up to 5 inches deep with a hole in the center. This hole ensures that the cake bakes evenly while it is in the oven.

Simple ingredients and the instructions are simple as 1-2-3. What are you waiting for? Try this now and you won’t be sorry.

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