Banana Pudding From Scratch

Several varieties of pudding have been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Just try mentioning pudding to someone and they are sure to have their favourite recipe. A sweet banana pudding made from scratch might remind you of your grandmothers best dessert recipe, while for some, a black pudding reminds them of dinner at their mother and father’s house when they were growing up.

In the United States and Canada, pudding as a dessert seems to be the most popular choice with simple varieties that come in a box and allow you to simply add milk to and of course you can also make them from whole ingredients, but if you go to the United Kingdom you will likely find that both savoury and dessert puddings are popular amongst the locals. Pudding cups are a great lunch idea for the kids as they have some of the daily requirement of milk and calcium, and are available in different flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, banana, chocolate fudge, butterscotch, pumpkin, caramel, even cookies and cream! Dessert puddings are usually a sweet milk based recipe similar in texture to a mousse or custard.

There are a wide choice of dessert puddings to enjoy from banana pudding, chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding, rice pudding, sponge pudding and Christmas pudding. Pudding is also a great addition to recipes, it can be layered in cakes, added to smoothies, frozen into popsicles, added to trifles and pies to name a few. While savory puddings might include yorkshire pudding, black pudding and steak and kidney puddings.

Bread puddings can be made either in the savory or sweet variety. Years ago I used to work at a wonderful little bakery where they made a popular bread pudding with crusty bread, dark chocolate and cherries. Yummy yum yum, so good!

I found this particular banana pudding recipe on the Southern Sisters website. It’s a lovely little pudding recipe that you can make from scratch. If you need something simple, wholesome, and pure to cook up for your family’s next dessert, I highly recommend this one. It’s so much healthier than making a pudding out of a box. Your family will appreciate they extra time – and really, it doesn’t take that much longer – you took to put this together for them.

The Southern Sisters website is a wonderful concept created by – who else – three southern sisters – Carry, Christie, and Robyn. This blog is basically what you would call a lifestyle blog, as these three sisters share their greatest passions in life with the world. One of these passions, of course, is cooking – and eating, too! Here you will find their favourite food recipes, clothes, holiday costumes and so much more.

The Banana Pudding recipe comes from Christie who is very talented in the organizational department. She’s published an excellent post here on “How to Stay Sane” and eating this gorgeous Banana Pudding Dessert is one of her recommendations.

Now it is the time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the website Southern Sisters just below.

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