Blueberry Sweet Rolls For the Sweetest Women in Your Life

Need a nice, sweet, and tasty breakfast treat that would be great for any occasion? Make these beautiful and delicious Blueberry Sweet Rolls for the Sweetest Women in Your Life - not that they need any more sweetening, of course! The other great thing about these blueberry sweet rolls is that they are super easy and quick to put together and they look really pretty too - with the purple from the blueberries that drains out into the white of the roll. To achieve this, Allison over at Capturing Joy, says that you have to use frozen blueberries so that all of the liquid will come out while baking.

There is also a filling and a glaze for this wonderful blueberry roll recipe, as if the rolls weren't enough of a treat already! But I suppose, like with pancakes, you would surely want some kind of sweet sauce to go with them – just like when you pour delicious maple syrup all over your pancakes. So this blueberry roll recipe has a nice lemon glaze that would make for the perfect combination of both sweet and tart. The filling is more blueberries and sugar for added sweetness. They really do sound amazing! These would be so nice for Mother's Day brunch or Easter Brunch - they are totally a spring time kind of treat.

They would also probably be great with other kinds of berries like black berries, strawberries, or raspberries. Even perhaps a whole berry mix would turn out great in these! I’ll be willing to bet they would even be so good without the glaze and just some butter on them right after you’ve taken them out of the oven! I would love to make these to have for Sunday morning breakfast with a nice tea. What a great way to start the day! This is definitely one blueberry recipe that you should add to your favourite recipes list!

I found this lovely dessert treat recipe over at the “Capturing Joy” website, created by Kristin Duke. Kristin is a photographer who started this wonderful blog well over four years ago, with the intention of sharing bits and pieces of her photography life with her clients. But she soon realized this was only a small part of the puzzle and she decided she expand her blog – as well as her greatest passion, photography - to capture JOY of all kinds. That’s exactly what she does here.

And of course, her greatest joy is her family. Kristin and her husband have four – count ’em 4 – kids! She is a very busy woman, handling a family, photography career, and blog career all at the same time. So you will find all kinds of joyful and wondrous photos over at Kristin’s blog, and you will also find lots of recipes too. Kristin has included all of her greatest joys, passions, and interests here as well – including: DIY projects, holidays, life stories, portrait sessions, fashion, travel, parties, decorating, and more – so much more. There is a lot to Kristin’s life, and she wants to share it all with you. Starting with this amazingly delicious recipe for blueberry sweet rolls for the sweetest women in your life!

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