Cajun Lasagna

What is more satisfying, delicious, and filling than a good old homemade lasagna? Okay there might be a few things you can think of, but you have to admit that lasagna is up there - especially a Cajun lasagna! This is a recipe that could easily feed a large and hungry family, full of young ones and old, because this is such a great classic. Of course you can adjust this spiciness to suit your tastes, sine little ones might be a bit offended by the extra kick in this spicy little dish. On the other hand, if you are a lover of all things spicy, then this will be perfect for you. Lasagna is a fairly simple recipe to make. The noodles are one of the oldest forms of pasta that was created centuries ago. People started out eating lasagna noodles just as they are, but it wasn't until later that the lasagna was made by stacking layers upon layers of ingredients to make a lovely, and hearty casserole. Now, there are so many different variations of lasagna, like this one here, or even a Mexican lasagna. There are even dessert versions of lasagna, with layers of whipped cream, chocolate mousse and cake.

Essentially, if you've ever made a lasagna, this recipe is much like any traditional lasagna you might have made. The prep time is only 10 minutes so there isn't too much involved in making it. Although, the recipe list is a bit long, it's still quite simple. So don't let the long list of items deter you from trying this out, it's mostly just a medley of different herbs and spices, in addition to several different cheeses to create that ooey gooey goodness we all love. Once it's in the oven, all you have to do is wait a while before you can chow down!

The hardest part about the whole thing will be waiting the two hours until it's ready to eat, since of course some wonderfully delicious aromas will be wafting from the oven. This lasagna is a great recipe that can feed a lot of people, and that can be whipped up fairly quick once you have all the ingredients, and that you just need to make ahead in time for dinner. But I know once you give it a try you will be hooked. Go ahead and play with the ingredients too since it's super forgiving. If you're interested in getting your hands on this recipe, then go ahead and pay a visit to the "Creole Contessa" website today! The author and curator of the great website, Lisa, takes Creole recipes that she learned from her grandmother who she grew ip visiting in Louisiana. She felt like people needed to taste this kind of food, so she took the liberty of creating this awesome website, packed full with Creole recipes or, as she likes to call it, Creolized recipes where she takes a recipe and adds her Creole flavour to it! You will love her food blog and the things you make from the recipes on it! Enjoy!

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