Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs

It's so amazing and heart warming to see these little felines warming right up to their canine pals. It totally busts the paradigm that cats hate dogs and dogs hate cats. Check out these photos posted by pet owners of their cute pets caught snuggling and playing together. It might be a rare thing to see for some! Animals are pack creatures so it does make sense that they would like to bond with different species if their specie wasn't available right? This slide show will totally make you go awww over and over again. I especially love the one of the cute kitten on the big golden retriever's back, as if he were riding a horse or something! I bet that was an unexpected sight for their owners to walk in on and they were probably just praying they would hold the pose until they snapped a photo for the internet! I know my cat loved my previous room mate's dog! It was unbelievable to me to see this cat and dog getting along so well with out any coaxing.

They never snuggled that we know of, but they were always following each other around inside the house. The dog would sniff the cat and lick her, and the cat would purr and rub up against the dog's legs. It was so adorable. So I guess this article is proof that cats and dogs can get along and really bond too! Not like in the cartoons where they are chasing each other around , trying to hurt one another. We just have to trust that animals know how to get along is we just let them and don't put too much pressure on it happening either. It just happens naturally. Head on over to the 'Refinery 29' website and have a look at these precious moments!

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