Homemade Candy Apples Recipe

When someone calls a recipe 'Foolproof', I am always skeptical. In my kitchen at least there just always seems like plenty of room to fail, especially when it comes to candy making. The sticky ingredients, the hot temperatures, the quickness that is required between steps are all disasters waiting to happen. Lucky for me that this recipe for Homemade Candy Apples from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen did not fail me! Sorry I did not believe her at first, but really there are so many things called 'fail proof' that I do not have a hope in recreating like the image.

Before making this recipe I decided to read the reviews and one great commenter asked if there we any other flavors that one could use but cinnamon? Since my family members are not always fans of cinnamon flavored desserts (I know I don't understand either, since I love cinnamon!), it took some real thinking to decide what else would be delicious. Orange..? No. Mint?..No... Rum?...Yes! Apples and rum just sounded like a fail proof combination that would be sure to please everyone. Basically that was the only substitution that I did when I tried this recipe, and it as delicious. The coating worked well (not too sticky) and it stayed put very nicely on my apples. I know in the image they almost look to good to eat, so shiny and perfect, but trust me when I say that you will be glad that you did and your regrets in demolishing these pretty visions will not last for long.

If you would like to see how this recipe is made, then the full list of ingredients and step by step directions are available below. Just click on the link to 'Confessions of a Cookbook Queen'. Enjoy these delicious treats!

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