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Check out these ingenious painting ideas from DIY Ideas Hub. With an increasing number of people becoming interested in fun and easy diys, the internet has exploded with some of the most fun and easy diys we've ever seen. It's also great that there are Facebook pages and Pinterest boards that are dedicated to sharing all of the latest and greatest diy ideas so we can all give them a try. Diy ideas aren't really that new since people in the past were primarily focused on doing things for themselves. Once people started becoming experts or masters at a certain craft or trade, other people who didn't have the skills would trade with the craftsman or tradesman to make or provide some type of service for them so they didn't have to do it themselves. This created professions and jobs for people who would then pass along their trades and crafts to the next generation. Often people would become apprentices of a master to learn from him and get hands on experience. Then, once they had enough experience they would become employed by the master and work along side them, or work on their own. Once the master retired, the apprentice or journeyman would take on the master's clients and eventually become a master at the craft him or her self, and then pass on the knowledge and craft onto the next person or people.

We still have systems like this, but now, we also have more cheap manufactured products and cheap labor than ever. Old crafts aren't dying out though, there are still tons of craftsmen alive and well practicing the art of whatever their trade may be, and now there are also diy-ers who take pride in making their own household and personal items. This is why there are so many great diy projects to do online and so many people trying them out for themselves. The photos on the DIY Ideas Hub show us a bunch of different and unique ways to paint. Whether you're painting the walls in your home, or you're just painting for fun these techniques will give you lots of ideas and inspiration. One of the fun and easy diys also recycles an empty soda bottle. You can use any size of plastic soda bottle, just make sure it has the rounded feet on the bottom. All you do is take some paint in different colours, poured into other containers and dip the bottom of the bottle in the paint and then press them on a piece of paper to make a beautiful flower.

One of the other projects to do involves laying pieces of lace on furniture and spraying some spray paint on it, using the lace as a stencil. The result is so pretty and would even look great in a painting or perhaps even on clothing. A fun one for kids to try is the one where they use a leaf dipped in multi coloured paint to make a stamp which leaves a rainbow leaf imprint on the paper. You can also spray paint foliage set on a canvas to make pretty artwork for your home, or paint little canvases and decoupage magazine images on them for a pop art piece. They also show us how to use crayons and a blow dryer to make some pretty amazing colourful wax art, and how to use a straw broom to make a funky design on your walls with paint. Enjoy having a look at all of these inspiring ideas on the DIY Ideas Hub Facebook page, and give them a Like to get their ideas in your main newsfeed.***

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