Chicken and Butter Sauce

This Chicken and Butter Sauce Recipe is an easy chicken breast recipes that you can serve any night of the week. With deep friend golden brown chicken covered in a creamy sauce with spinach, this chicken breast recipes is one the whole family will love. With ingredients like chicken breast, spinach evaporated milk and salt the chicken is deep fried a nice golden brown. The easy sauce uses evaporated milk, sugar, and salt for a creamy sauce that compliments the chicken perfectly. Whenever you make easy chicken breast recipes, it is always a good idea to try and get chicken breasts that come from happy chickens. This might mean getting organic chicken breasts or free range chicken breasts. Knowing that the chicken breasts you are eating had a chance to a better life where they were fed a better diet and able to roam is a good way to feel good about what you are eating. Using free range chicken for easy chicken breast recipes and chicken breast recipes is always a good idea whenever you can use it.

Adding spinach to this easy chicken breast recipes is a great way to get some added nutrition into your day with this chicken breast recipes. Spinach is thought to have originated in ancient Persia. The earliest known record of the spinach plant was first recorded in the Chinese language, saying that it was first introduced to China via Nepal around the year 647 AD. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables are rich sources of iron. Spinach also has lots of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. Spinach has lesser amounts of calcium, protein, and iron. Spinach was made popular with kids in the comics and through the cartoon character of Popeye the Sailor Man a comic from 1931, that portrayed Popeye the leading character as getting his strength from eating spinach. Popeye would become physically stronger after he ate the green leafy vegetable. There are three basic types of spinach which include flat or smooth leaf spinach and Savoy spinach, and semi-savoy spinach. Savoy spinach is spinach with dark green, crinkly and curly leaves. Savoy is the type of spinach that is sold in fresh bunches in the supermarket. Flat spinach has smooth leaves that are easier to clean than Savoy and is found in canned and frozen spinach. Semi-savoy is a hybrid variety of spinach with slightly crinkled leaves.

Evaporated milk is an ingredient you will find in many easy desserts and simple dessert recipes. Evaporated milk is also known as condensed milk. It is an ingredient that is shelf-stable. Evaporated milk recipes have approximately 60 percent of the water removed from fresh milk. Condensed milk differs from sweetened condensed milk, which also contains sugar. Sweetened condensed milk needs less time to process than condensed milk since the added sugar inhibits the bacterial growth. Evaporated milk, when it is mixed with water, becomes the rough equivalent of fresh milk, in both taste and nutritional value. This fact makes it an attractive food for shipping as it has a shelf life of months or even years, dependent upon the fat and sugar content.

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