Cleaning Your Oven Without Poisonous Earth Destroying Chemicals

Man oh man, itís that time again. Time to clean the flippiní oven. Why canít our landlords get us a self-cleaning oven, for goodness sakes? If theyíre going to do an apartment inspection every three months, itís the least they could do. Why are we stuck with one we have to manually clean in this day and age when everyone else has a self-cleaning oven. Go figure! So we want to clean our oven without poisonous earth destroying chemicals. Is this possible? According to this article, it totally is. Whatís more, itís even easy!

It really doesnít take that long, now does it, for the oven to get dirty again. Try as we may, itís just so hard to keep it clean. And we even tried lining the bottom of our oven with aluminum foil for a while. All the grease and gunk would land on the foil and weíd just replace it every so often. Voila, a perpetually clean oven! A dream come true! And it seemed to work like a charm for a number of years. That is, until our best friend came over to dinner one night. She noticed weíd lined the oven floor with aluminum foil and told us it was a very bad idea. Why was it a bad idea? Well, it was a bad idea for three main reasons. Firstly, it was bad for the environment, to waste so much aluminum foil. Secondly, it was bad for the oven because apparently it causes it to heat unevenly, therefore wearing it out much faster. Thirdly, and most importantly of all, it was a fire hazard.

Yes, we had not realized it, but aluminum foil can indeed catch fire! Our dear wise friend showed us by lifting our foil up to touch the red hot stove element and it instantly burst into flames. Yikes. Uh-oh. Whoops. Well, thank goodness she told us because weíd never had a problem with it. And now, after removing the aluminum foil from our oven bottom, we never will.But alas, that does not help us with our oven-cleaning problems. If we donít clean it regularly, the greasy gunk starts to smoke, making our eyes burn and setting off all of our smoke detectors. It really is a royal pain in the assembly. And truly, we donít want to use heavy duty chemical cleaners to clean our oven either. We canít stand the smell and the fumes. We also have small pets and children who could get sick from all of these terrible toxins floating around in the air.

So you can just imagine how happy we were when we discovered this nifty cleaning recipe using ingredients we can find in our own kitchen cupboards. Yes, you will probably have them kicking around your sweet kitchens too. And not one of them is caustic, stinky, or toxic. Well, vinegar can have a strong smell, we guess, but itís not nearly as bad as one of those brand name toxic oven cleaners. So whatís the scoop? How do we clean our oven so easily and what natural cleaners will it take to do it? Well, we already mentioned vinegar. Go and get yourself a big bottle of white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can work too. And then get yourself a nice large empty spray or a squirt bottle. Fill it up with the vinegar Ė right up to the very top.

Now what youíve got to do is make sure your oven is completely turned off. Then open the door and remove all of the cooking racks you find inside. Thereís a special way to clean them too, but right now letís focus on the inside of your oven. Thatís the big job! The next thing youíll need to round up is a bowl. This is what youíre going to make your magic paste in! And the next thing you will need is a spatula. Oh yes, and please donít forget a scrubbing pad. Now thereís just one more ingredient you will need, and then youíll be ready to clean that oven til itís all shiny and new again.

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