Cookie Dough Cheesecake

If you’re in the mood for some good dessert or a sweet snack, you’re in luck as we share with you this recipe that would make your mouth drool and crave for cheesecake and cookies. In our opinion, the best baked pastries are the ones that are homemade. Not only are you sure that they are done with clean methods, but you also know that they are healthy since you take control on the ingredients that you will be using. And today, allow us to give you some information about the recipe on how to cook this amazing “Cookie Dough Cheesecake.”

This is perfect for birthday parties and other festivities that you want to celebrate with your friends and family. It is also ideal for your afternoon tea party or just simply hanging out with your lady friends to impress them with your baking. The ingredients are easy to find since your local supermarkets can provide them. The usual ingredients like chocolate chips, sugar, butter, cream cheese, vanilla, and eggs should be on your grocery list to have ready when you start baking. For the cookie dough, make sure that you have an all-purpose flour in your list as well.

It is also advisable that you have all the tools that you need for baking like a mixer and a baking bowl. It does sound complicated at first to make this cookie dough cheesecake, but once you read all the instructions you will realize that it’s not that hard, and you can pull it off even if it’s your first time to bake. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to come up with a perfect cheesecake because all you need aside from the recipe and ingredients is your passion for baking.

Well, have fun! To know the entire recipe of the cookie dough cheesecake, check out the website “Hugs & Cookies XOXO” below.

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