Copycat Dairy Queen Buster Bars

Remember Dairy Queen Buster Bars? Well, they still exist but remember when you loved them as a kid? They seemed so much bigger back then, and more full of chocolate fudge! Well don’t you fret. Now you can revisit your childhood and make your own Copycat Dairy Queen Buster Bars just the way you want them! There are just some things that you can never forget. Most everyone loves these kind of ice cream bars from the good old Dairy Queen. There are just those things that stick with us form our childhood, like these ice cream bars. It is so great that they still have these awesome treats available, because sometimes there are things that get phased out because the company decides that they need to bring in something new to introduce to their customers to keep them ahead of the curve. Well good thing that Dairy Queen pays no mind to all of that, and that they have kept their good old buster bars. Buster bars have the nice soft serve smooth vanilla ice cream with the peanuts in them and then are covered in a layer of chocolate sauce that hardens like a shell on the out side.

Oh! We are so happy for this wondrous recipe that not only brings back the good old days of family trips to Dairy Queen, it makes them better than ever. And the best thing about this recipe? Everything is homemade, even the ice cream! That’s right, you can make these Copycat Buster Bars with great pride, knowing that you’ve made your very own Buster Bars all by yourself. You’ll also know each and every ingredient that went into them. As decadent as they may seem, they will still be a lot healthier to eat than the originals. The original probably has a lot of added chemicals, this way even the ice cream is made by you, so you know it is all good for you and your family! They are so simple to make to!

Two extra items you’ll need before you start this yummy project are wax cups and popsicle sticks. The cups will serve as your ice cream moulds that will freeze it into the optimum Buster Bar shape and the sticks will give you something to hold onto when you eat it. This brilliant recipe comes to us from Beth over at “The First Year” blog. Beth started this website to document her first year of marriage with her husband Ryan. She enjoyed doing it so much that when that first year was up, she just kept right on going! Beth has a real sweet tooth and a wonderful way with chocolate. She even has a “mocha” version of these Copycat Peanut Buster Bars. We’re gonna try to make them right after we make these ones. Why? Because we absolutely adore anything and everything MOCHA! Why not try these sweet treats out for yourself?

Want the full recipe for Copycat Dairy Queen Buster Bars? Then head on over to “The First Year” website by following the link in the description below!

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