Creamy BLT Dip

When it comes to making snacks and appetizers you can never have too many recipe ideas to always keep table fun. This "Creamy BLT Dip," is just like the popular sandwich, in a dip! It's always so fun to have different appetizer recipes on hand, they are great to make if you just feel like having a lighter meal, or if you are having guests over and you all want a little something to nibble on. Sometimes it is fun to just have everyone bring a little appetizer to have, and then everyone can just try a little bit of everything! This way you can inspire others with your dish and you can be inspired by the dishes that other people bring for the event. It's also a good way to not get too full so that you have energy to visit and play games with everyone. I for one love appetizers, and love the way you can try out so many different flavours at once. Sometimes even at a restaurant, it can be fun to try their appetizers and share with someone.

What better way to enjoy a snack then with this simple five ingredient dip, just like your favorite sandwich. This creamy BLT dip is an easy appetizer for your next party or get together. Some of the ingredients you will need for this simple dip include bacon (cooked until crispy and crumbled), mayonnaise, sour cream and chopped tomatoes. You'll then mix some of the ingredients together, and sir in the tomatoes just before serving. You can use this dip for cut vegetable such as carrots, grape tomatoes, sliced celery sticks, broccoli florets, and cauliflower florets. You might choose to use sliced bagel chips, or sliced baguettes for dipping. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look on the site. Sounds really good doesn't it?!

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