Crescent Cheese Danishes

Fans of cheese Danish pastries will love this recipe that we are about to feature. Here is a tasty easy recipe that you will enjoy preparing and you may want to pass on to your next generation. We are going to share how to make some good “Crescent Cheese Danishes” today! The fact that cream cheese is involved in this recipe, will make the pastries extra tempting and there is no way anyone that loves cream cheese in their desserts would be able to say no to it once a pastry is offered to them. Thanks to this blog called The Country Cook, we were able to discover this amazing dish that will soon be the center of attention the next time you hold a tea party for your friends.

This blog is owned by a self-confessed Navy brat named Brandie. She is married to a Navy man and she also has a child of her own. Her husband is finally out of the military and together they are living happily ever after with their child in Virginia. This is probably why she is so inspired to make more amazing recipes! Seriously, her website is full of dishes that you may or may not already have never heard of, but just the sound of them would make you want to eat them all. This woman is gifted when it comes to developing her own recipes.

She started her love for food and has been doing things in the kitchen ever since she was a child. Brandi will experiment putting together different kinds of food until she comes up with something new. Over time, Brandi learned how to cook. But just like all stories of beginners in the kitchen, the first thing that she learned was to cook a fried egg. From there, she found herself making crepes with grape jelly inside them. She was only 12 years old that time, and she thought she was making some gourmet masterpiece! Nevertheless, we thought it's an adorable part of her story that she started really young in developing her passion.

Going back to this recipe she created, you will need to have separate ingredients for the danishes and the glaze. Here are the things that you need to buy to make this recipe happen. You must have about two tubes of Crescent rolls, a pack of cream cheese, granulated white sugar, light brown sugar, powdered sugar for the glaze, vanilla extract, butter, and milk. Its up to you if you want to use some low-fat milk if you are someone on a diet.

These Crescent Cheese Danishes not only look good, but they are also easy to do. Imagine having fresh danishes right from the oven in less than half an hour! To start you can preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then in a bowl start by combining some softened cream cheese, with white sugar and some vanilla extract. The danish filling mixture should be creamy and smooth. Then you will take your Crescent roll dough and separate it into eight pieces that you will put together to form four separate rectangles, that you will seal in the middle.

Next you can spread some melted butter all over the Crescent Dough, you will then sprinkle brown sugar all over the dough on top of the butter. Then you will roll up the Crescent dough from the long side, pinching the edges to seal, you will then form a circle out of each roll and put on a non stick pan or spray with non stick spray. From there you will form a well in each roll so that the filling can sit comfortably on top. Top each roll with some of the cream cheese filling. Bake the rolls for about 15-18 minutes, or until golden brown. While the danishes are cooking you can prepare the glaze. When the danishes are done cooking, you can glaze while still warm.

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