Crispy Chinese Black Pepper Chicken Wings

I am not a huge fan of meat, but if given the chance to consume chicken, I always say yes. I am not sure why, but I love the taste of it, especially these Crispy Chinese Black Pepper Chicken Wings. Yummy! If you are trying to find a recipe for finger foods to make for a party or to take to an event, these are great! While many choose to make these a little spicy, you can tame the spice if you so choose. These scrumptious pieces of chicken are simple to make, and well liked by most. With each bite, you can taste the wonderful flavors of black pepper, onions, and soy sauce. My mouth is drooling while writing this. I canít wait to make them later this week.

Like any meat, it is important to spend time marinating these chicken wings. For this recipe, you will need some onions and garlic to make the marinade. Once they have marinated for a long period of time, it is time to fry or bake them until golden-brown. I personally love them dipped in ranch or blue cheese. Serve them with potato salad or a Cesar salad, chips and salsa, and some freshly cut vegetables. They are great for an afternoon barbecue with friends and family. Keep your dogs away from them, as they will devour them immediately if their eyes notice them sitting out.

Well, it is time to go to the grocery store and buy some chicken and ingredients to make the delicious sauce for these chicken wings. If you donít feel like partying, make them for dinner for you and your family. They are great any time of the year.

Garlic is a close relative to the onion, shallot, leek, chive, and rakkyo. With a history of human use of over 7,000 years, garlic is native to central Asia, and has long been a staple in the Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It was known to Ancient Egyptians, and has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

Pair these savory spice rack wings recipe with the Hawaiian Island Style Fried Rice from the recipe site! Rice is usually rinsed before cooking to remove the excess starch. Rice that is produced in the United States is usually fortified with vitamins and minerals, and rinsing will result in a loss of nutrients. Rice may be rinsed repeatedly until the rinse water is clear to improve the texture and taste. Rice may also be soaked to decrease the cooking time, minimize exposure to high temperature, and reduce stickiness. For some rice varieties, soaking improves the texture of the cooked rice by increasing expansion of the grains. Rice may be soaked for 30 minutes up to several hours. Brown rice may be soaked in warm water for 20 hours to stimulate germination. This process, called germinated brown rice activates enzymes and enhances amino acids including gamma aminobutyric acid to improve the nutritional value of brown rice.

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