Discover Grandma's Secret Recipe for the Ultimate Chicken Meal

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats to prepare for tasty meals and is found in many dishes worldwide. Although it would be difficult to name my favorite chicken dinner recipe, this Chicken Marsala recipe – with chicken cutlets, mushrooms, and Marsala wine – is very high on the list. If you like chicken and mushrooms and enjoy Italian-American cuisine, this chicken recipe should be high on your list to try!

Chicken Marsala (not to be confused with Chicken Tikka Masala, a British created, Indian-inspired dish of roasted chicken tikka in a spicy sauce) is a dish prepared from chicken cutlets, mushrooms and Marsala wine. It dates back to the 19th-century where it is thought to have originated with English families who lived in western Sicily (where Marsala wine is produced). The chicken is lightly coated in flour, sautéed and removed from the pan – Marsala wine is then added to create a reduction sauce (which is done by cooking the wine to a syrup-like consistency while adding mushrooms, as well as other ingredients such as onions or shallots and herbs, like Parsley). To serve, the sauce is poured over the chicken, or the chicken is added back to the Marsala sauce and cooked for a few more minutes to infuse the taste of the sauce.

A key ingredient of this chicken recipe is Marsala wine, which is a dry or sweet wine produced in the Italian city of Marsala, Sicily. While the city’s native often drive vintage Marsala wine, the wine produced for export is fortified similar to Port, Madeira, and Sherry (originally the addition of alcohol was meant to ensure the product would last on long ocean voyages but is still produced this way today because of its popularity in foreign markets). This wine has been produced for centuries and was first distributed in the late 1700’s by English trader, John Woodhouse, who discovered that the local wine could travel long distances by sea. Today, Marsala wine is frequently used in cooking and is especially prevalent in Italian-American cuisine.

This Chicken Marsala recipe doesn’t deviate at all from the classic dish we all know and love (and, of course, it wouldn’t since this recipe is found on Rossella Rago’s popular food recipe blog “Cooking with Nonna”, a website that shares Grandma’s Italian recipes with the new generations). For this chicken dinner recipe, you will need thin cut chicken cutlets, flour, olive oil, cremini or baby portobello mushrooms, Marsala wine, chicken broth, butter and fresh parsley. Preparation is really simple, and this is a relatively quick chicken dish to prepare. When preparing this delicious Chicken Marsala recipe, the only hints I would give you is to make sure you shake off any excess flour during the ‘dredging’ process to avoid lumps of flour in your Marsala sauce. Also, make sure not to add your butter until the Marsala wine is reducing – the butter will not only flavor your chicken recipe but also provide a nice, glossy sheen to the sauce. And if you aren’t a lover of wine, or don’t like cooking with wine, a decent non-alcoholic substitute is ¼ cup white grape juice, one tablespoon vanilla extract and two tablespoons of sherry vinegar mixed.

You can serve Chicken Marsala with almost anything – rice, noodles, or my personal favorite – roasted baby potatoes. So what are you waiting for? Try preparing this delicious Chicken Marsala recipe, serve and enjoy! You won’t be disappointed.

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