Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs

The saying "dogs are man's best friend" has been around forever. No one knows who first said it, but it rings true for most people. A dog is a pet you can count on to protect you and love you when it seems that no one else does. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how devoted they can be.

From the moment a puppy arrives in your home and you have the opportunity to pick them up and snuggle with them, the wonderful puppy smell quickly gets under your skin and makes you fall in love. No one can deny how adorable puppies can be. Even on the saddest day their clumsy, frolicking play can cheer you up. They explore the world with abandon and can entertain you for hours.

You love dogs because they ask nothing of you except to be fed and walked. Offering them the smallest kindness can make them your friend and devoted companion for life. But teach them tricks and talk to them like a friend and they will give you back tenfold in entertainment and amusement.

Pets are a tremendous source of comfort to people who live alone and the elderly. It is a rare dog that is not full of personality when loved and cared for properly. For an elderly person, or someone who lives alone, it is more like sharing a home with a friend than an animal. Many people claim that their dog smiles at them and this may in fact be true.

Pure bred dogs may be more predictable when purchased as a puppy. You have a better idea of what the dog will be like when it is full grown. But a mutt can often be a good natured, easy to train pet. A mixture of breeds all rolled up into one, such a dog can have the perfect blend of traits without too much of any one thing.

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