Do-It-Yourself Wood Burning Sauna Project

After a long day at work, you want to relax. Well, you might think of going to a bar, have a drink or two, flirt with someone, or go home, order pizza for dinner and watch your favorite T.V. show. We all have different ways to unwind. “What about you? What’s your way to relax?” Me? Well, I just hit the gym and train. After an intense workout, there comes my favorite part: Sauna. Aah…how wonderful life is now Sauna is in the world. That’s me singing again! Never mind that. And this DIY sauna will make you look forward to going home and sing that song. But what’s with this sauna thing? Just sit back, relax, and…read. *laughs*

A Sauna is a small room that is designed as a “place to experience dry or wet heat sessions”. They also call it ‘sweat room’. The word ‘sauna’ is a Finnish word. It refers to a traditional Finnish bath and bath house. The word ‘Sauna’ in Baltic-Finnic languages can also mean a ‘small cabin or cottage’. In the highlands of central Mexico and Guatamela, temazcal, Mexican and Central American version of sauna, is popular. This sauna is made of stone or clay. Nordic (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) in Europe also have their own version. The Finnish Sauna culture is the most popular and well-established. Most houses in Finland have it.

A Sauna usually takes about 30 minutes to heat up. Sauna users enter the room only with a towel around their body, and some would put it over their head. They take a shower before entering to ‘speed up perspiration.’ According to Wikipedia, a ‘banya hat’ in Russia is used to cover and protect the head from heat resulting to more heat on the rest of the body. A Sauna can be a sleep therapy and stress reliever. You will feel light, calm and relaxed after your sauna session.

So, care to join me in my new sauna? Come on, let’s sit back, relax, and…sleep afterwards. *winks* This DIY Sauna

If you are thinking of building an outdoor sauna be sure to take a look at the 'Instructables' website below for a great set of photos and instructions.

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