Don't get Snapchat? Here is a HOW-TO Snap.

Snapchat is an app that you can send a picture of yourself to friends and family as a way to communicate with them. Young and old alike can use the app that doesn't take long to figure out and is a lot of fun when used. In a bid to raise $3 billion for its upcoming IPO, the app laid out its unique vision for the future, along with a detailed 8-minute how-to video tutorial for potential investors who, like many older adults are not sure how to use the app.

Snapchap has tapped into the human desire to communicate in a way that feels comfortable like you are face to face, even if you are far away. And while Snapchap is fun for kids once adults learn how to maneuver the app they can also have a lot of fun. The first time you use the app and can see what who are talking about it makes you feel close to that person. Snapchat feels less informal than Facebook and Twitter as it is about being selective and focusing on the best friends you have. Snapchat came up with stories as a way to show your latest Snaps in reverse order. As the computer replaces the camera as a means to communicate, photos are still what give people a sense of the moment and nostalgia. Snapchat also lets the users add graphics to the photos to make them more fun and an interactive activity for people to enjoy. The How-to video tutorial follows the basic camera operations of the app and how to use the filters and lenses to add special graphics like animal ears and hearts to images. The tutorial also shows how to make bitmojis, send Snaps, how to add friends, how to engage in chat and make a unique string of Snaps that last for about 24 hours that are called stories.

The step by step video tutorial shows users that the app isn't difficult to use, and is user-friendly no matter what age you are. As technology becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives video tutorials can show us easy ways to incorporate it into our lives. Step by step video tutorials is a useful tool that can make our lives easier and show young and old alike a variety of things from how to repair a washer and dryer, to how to use apps like Snapchat to keep in contact with family and friends. Some of the benefits of the Snapchat app is perspective. The app provides its users and their friends with a more personal avenue to show how they see the world. The app allows its users to make real time stories. Snapchat stories are raw, fun stories that are updated in real-time, and can only be viewed within a 24 hour period. Snapchat is an excellent means of self-expression. Through the snaps, users can show the world who they are at the exact moment they make the photo. The app is a great way to share screenshots of your Snaps to your other pre-existing social media accounts to build an audience. Snapchat allows its users to share their new products or services, and launch teaser videos and pictures on their Snapchat profile to create a buzz across social media.

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