Hilarious Dad Jokes! Dad's Sign About Son's Bad Grades at NBA Game

A photo of a father at a Cleveland Cavaliers game holding a sign directed at his son has gone viral. The father was at the March 24th game where he got to see his team pull out a close win over the Charlotte Hornets. The father was supposed to be at the game with his son, but because of bad grades, the boy could not attend. The photo posted to Reddit by another fan at the game, shows the dad holding a sign with the Cavaliers logo on it, along with a crying face emoji and the statement directed at the son that says Thomas, get your grades back up, and next time you'll be here. Love, Dad. And while the sign might seem a bit drastic people are commending the father at showing his son tough love, which is difficult for some parents. And while you don't find much else out about the dad, some people might think he deserves the Dad of the Year award. Hopefully, this sign inspires the son to get his grades up.

Tough love is an expression that is used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the hope of helping them in the long run. In most cases of tough love, there must be some actual love or feelings of affection behind the tough or harsh treatment to be defined as tough love. An example might be loving and concerned parents refusing to help a child of theirs that is drug dependant until they enter a rehab facility or do something about the issue at hand. There is evidence to suggest that what the British call tough love can help in the development of character traits in children up to five years old. However, the British definition used is more similar to the concept of authoritative parenting, whereas American parents and ideas of tough love are closer to authoritarian parenting, which has been linked with negative outcomes. The phrase tough love is believed to have originated with the book by Bill Milliken of the same title.

Researchers have discovered four different types of parenting styles. One type of parenting style is that of authoritarian parenting. Authoritarian parenting is when parents establish the rules and expect that their children follow them without exception. Children have little to no involvement in the problem-solving challenges or obstacles of this type of parenting. Instead, parents expect that their children will follow all of the rules all of the time. Authoritative parenting is the type of parenting that is not quite as strick as authoritarian parenting, by where the parents also have rules that their children are expected to follow. However, the parents allow for some exceptions to the rules. Authoritative parents often tell their children the reasons for the rules, and they are more willing to consider a child’s feelings when setting the limits. With permissive parenting, the parents don't offer many discipline rules. The parents tend to be lenient and may only step in when there is a serious problem. There may also be few consequences for any misbehavior because the parents have an attitude of kids will be kids. Lastly, there are uninvolved parents which like the name implies that the parents tend to be neglectful. The parents often do not meet their children’s basic needs, and might expects children to raise themselves.

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