Fill Ice Cube Trays with Vinegar then Drop a Lemon Slice into Each One...

You will love this natural cleaning idea to get your kitchen smelling lemony fresh. All it takes is filling ice cube trays with some vinegar and a lemon slice into each one. This natural cleaning solution is for anyone who has a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are great at getting rid of food waste in your kitchen, helpful for reducing waste in your garbage can and rinsing off food into the sink. The problem with any garbage disposal is that it gets dirty, and the blades can become dull. It is best to be careful about you throw into the drain to help prevent clogging. You want to avoid things like celery, pasta, and chicken bones which will create problems. You also want to avoid egg shells and potato skins.

No matter how careful you are with your garbage disposal, there can from time to time some food that gets lodged under the blades and results in bad odors. Some cleaners can help eliminate the odor, but only for a short period. On top of bad odors, the garbage disposal blades still need to be sharpened. The best remedy for this is a homemade natural cleaning solution of ice, white vinegar, and lemons. Start by getting an ice tray and writing garbage disposal on the bottom. Then fill the ice tray with about 8 parts water and 1 part white vinegar. Then cut up a lemon and put a small piece of the lemon rind into each ice cube slot to help with the odor, then put in the freezer to freeze. You can remove the cubes when they are frozen and put then into a ziplock bag and keep them in your freezer. When you are ready to use simply drop the ice cubes into the garbage disposal, run a bit water (to help wash down the bits of debris) and turn the garbage disposal on. You will love the smell of these helpful ice cubes, and the ice will work well to help sharpen the blades along with dislodging any pieces of food that may be stuck. The white vinegar will clean off all of the surfaces. This natural cleaning solution is inexpensive and easy to do.

Lemon juice and their rinds make for great natural cleaning solutions for a variety of natural cleaning projects. Lemon juice contains citric acid which is a deodorant and can be used to clean glass and remove stains from porcelain and aluminum. Lemon juice is a kitchen cleaner that cuts through grease and also helps at removing stains and perspiration from clothing. Lemon juice is also a mild lightener or bleach if used with sunlight. Lemon juice is also a good natural cleaner for shining and cleaning and copper. Lemon juice can also be used for natural cleaning when mixed with vinegar and baking soda to make excellent cleaning pastes. Lemons can be used to scrub dishes, surfaces, and stains. The best thing about using lemon juice and lemon rinds for your kitchen cleaning tips, kitchen cleaners, cleaning tips and cleaning tips and tricks is that it always leaves the house smelling so lemony fresh. Lemons are one of the best all natural cleaning solutions and natural cleaners that you will find.

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