Food Expiration Dates - What's Safe and What's Not?

The confusion around best before, use before and best if used before dates is circulating. There are thousands of dollars wasted every year in throwing away food just because of the best before date. This article explains these guidelines for you to make your best decision when it comes to using or trashing the food that you have in your kitchen.

So much food is thrown away unnecessarily, and that means that the resources used to make the product are wasted too. The dairy industry is probably the most subject to this waste, and that is thousands of cows' efforts to produce milk, all being wasted. It is a truth that in our society, sometimes because we don't see the labour going into making the products we consume, we sometimes tend to be quite frivolous with them. If you lived on a farm and knew all of the work that went into making each and every item that ends up on your plate, do you think you would be so quick to throw it in the trash? This article states that the best before dates are to be used as a guideline and not as a rule.

We should be using our common sense as consumers and being mindful of how much waste we are producing. Maybe this would lead to more conscious purchasing practices in the first place. Not buying way more than we need, just because of a sale or because the larger size was offered for a better price. Know what you are going to actually use and buy that. Don't buy things until you are almost out or totally out of something. Sometimes those dates are put on as a tactic to get the consumer to waste more and buy less too. So its not about following the dates like they are in control, you and your common sense are in control. Check out the full article at the link below to the 'Yahoo' website.

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