Fried Mozzarella Corn Fritters. Sounds delicious. The traditional corn fritter is a savory snack that originated in the southern USA states. They are made of a mixture of very basic ingredients that include corn kernels, of course, butter, flour milk, and eggs. You can either fry them in a shallow pan of full on deep fry them. There is a version that is baked using cream corn and served up with good old fashioned maple syrup. A cousin of the corn fritter is the Johnnycake.

Let's talk a little about corn itself. If you haven't lived someplace where you grew corn, you might not know that much about it.

So what is corn? It is in the grass family made up of a leafy stalk and male and female tassels that grow on the top of the corn plant. Kernels are, in fact, the grain that grow on the part of the plant called the ear.

The corn grown in the USA is field corn and is primarily fed to livestock, pigs and chicken. The corn we purchase to eat from our grocery stores and farmers markets is sweet corn.

Corn has been transformed into many products including fuel ethanol, corn oil, sweeteners, corn starch and flour.

Most corn is grown in the USA by family operated farms. The top corn producing states are Iowa, and Illinois and they account for one-third of the crop.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia about pop-corn. Archeologist have found popping corn over 1000 years old that still popped so it seems it will last virtually forever.

This corn fritter and simplicity of it's cooking method goes back decades and no doubt many a great grandmother would have served them up on their dinner tables.

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