Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes

Who loves potatoes? I bet all of us do. You can deep fry, bake, boil or roast potatoes. Deep frying though is a little messy and not the healthiest cooking method, although one of the tastiest and great once in awhile. Baking and roasting potatoes are very good ways to prepare potatoes. Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates. They are a starchy, tuberous crop.

Tired of your old potato recipe? Looking for a creative way on cooking your potato? You are in luck because we have this simple recipe worthy of your time.

Introducing the Garlic herb roasted potatoes. The garlic and the herbs will make your potatoes extra ordinary. The aroma and the flavorful taste will make you crave more, plus, this is perfect for your kids who are picky eaters. Don't worry about the ingredients. They are simple and likely already in your kitchen.

The cooking method appropriate for this recipe is roasting. Here is some useful information.What is roasting? This is a dry heat cooking method where your food has a solid structure like meat or vegetables. It makes use of 300 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to cook the food. Roasting used to signify food cooked over an open flame but today, it is done in an oven. For this recipe, cooking time in an oven is 1 hour. This timing allows for the herbs to infuse their flavor.

Aside from the potatoes, herbs are the most important ingredient in this recipe. We all know that they are used for food flavoring, medicine, and perfume. Some commonly used herbs in cooking are parsley and thyme. They are both green and leafy. Parsley is widely used either as a garnish or simply sprinkled on top. Using these herbs will make your simple potato mouth watering. Parsley is widely used in American, European and Middle Eastern cooking

What are you waiting for? Try this recipe, and you won't be sorry.

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