Homemade King Hawaiian Rolls and/or Loaf

If you’re anything like us, in our household, you love bread of all kinds and in all shapes and sizes! There’s really just nothing more mouth watering than the scent of bread baking on a cool autumn day. That’s why we’re really excited about this new recipe we found for Homemade King Hawaiian Rolls, and we hope you will be too! Fresh baked bread is just so yummy! It’s inexpensive to make and has such a magical potential for feeding all kinds of people.

Bread has always been a staple of our meals throughout time, people have been making bread for thousands of years! There are so many different ways to enjoy the art of making bread, and it really isn't too difficult to make, once you get the hang of it. These rolls, are really easy to make, and are called Hawaiian rolls because they are a little sweeter than usual bread. King's Hawaiian Bakery started out in Hilo, Hawaii, with Robert R. Taira, in the 1950's. It started out being called Robert's Bakery in that time, but then when they moved locations, to be on King Street, the name then changed to be King's Bakery after the street it was on. They quickly became known for their delicious sweet rolls, that people couldn't wait to eat, and they often got devoured on the way home!

So this sweet bread, became a house hold favourite all over Hawaii, and soon all over America, as it was then exported to the main land. Bread is an all time favourite in general. In fact, did you know, that the history of bread making is so ancient, that it goes back more than thirty thousand years? Although we really don’t know what inspired our ancestors to mix water with roasted ground grains and then cook the mixture, we are really glad they did! What would we do without bread? How would we make our burgers, pies, or sandwiches? What, no rolls or biscuits to accompany our meal? That would be a tragedy indeed!

We’ve had bread around for so long, it is something that might be easy to take it for granted, but, if you think about it, our lives would be so different if we didn’t have it around. Even for those who cannot eat wheat or dairy, there are so many bread variations and substitutes available these days – showing us that it’s truly difficult to go completely bread free. We found this recipe over at the aptly-named “Best Recipes of All Time” website. If you like the sound of this recipe, then you will really want to visit this website because they have so many other amazing recipes over there. You will never be at a loss for recipes if you spend some time here – they have something for every meal, course, and occasion! Want the full recipe for Homemade King Hawaiian Rolls? Then head on over to the “The Best Recipes of All Time” website by following the link in the description below for the recipe!

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